The newest addition to the property is the Suite. The Upper Suite room which is located directly behind our 2 bedroom bungalow at the south end of our property.

It's a secluded, reclaimed hardwood accommodation that is set back into jungles, along side the riverbed and the treetops.

The Upper Suite has a king ben in the ACed room, it’s own private bathroom and shower, and extended wood porch for your leisure activities.

There are no kitchen facilities but there are simple amenities such as a coffee press, refrigerator and drinking water dispenser.

To enjoy the quietness and tranquility for this unique area of the property, there is no TV or radio provided. This also helps to respect your lower level neighbors.

If there is an existing booking on the lower level please note that our beautiful suite room is constructed entirely of reclaimed teak wood so sound may travel between upper and lower levels.

There is no swimming pool access, but the Upper Suite has access to the front lawn though the property’s garden pathways.


• Access to lawn & cliff

• Refrigerator

• Air Conditioning

• Wifi

• Electronic in room safe