Andy Davis Artist Residency

Blessings From Uluwatu

A lot has happened here at the end of the road since our last newsletter. Here's a little recap since our previous check in. As always a BIG THANK YOU to all our guests, friends and team members who made these days extra special. 

Our good friend, and California based artist, Andy Davis came east for a visit, and to work on a series of original paintings for his art show entitled "Suka Cita" at Drifter Surf Shop & Gallery. Andy is one of our favorite artists, and we were stoked to host him here while he let his creative juices loose.

Andy developed the show back home in San Diego collaborating with friend and legendary surfer Rob Machado. In addition to the works on canvas, Rob supplied a small quiver of his surfboards that Andy adorned with his iconic touch. Some of the characters portrayed in the paintings may or may not resemble Rob himself 😉 

Upon arrival Andy continued working on pieces he started in the states and began some new ones here. Of course, some Uluwatu surf sessions were shared between all the art making.  On the sprawling deck of
Cliff Front 7,  one of our new tropical modern villas, Andy further develops the body of work. Not coincidentally this villa houses a collection of his art.

Art being made in the stunning architecture of Ocean View 3.

Our incredible on-site woodworking team built handmade float frames from reclaimed teak. These are the same frames that adorn Andy's pieces throughout our property. 

Opening night was a blast!  Friends from near and far arrived to enjoy the festivities.  We saw a big turn out of folks from all over the island and a steady flow of travelers that caught word of the event. The vibes were turned up to level 11.  The Spacemonks spun tunes on the 1's & 2's to get the party going, while people frolicked about. RB's band, ASTAGA played a live set, whom Rob joined onstage for a few songs! 

This surf season was arguably the best this decade. Back-to-back swells graced our reefs nonstop. It seemed there was never a moment when the ocean wasn’t alive in full pounding force. The wave quality and consistency was unreal this year. 

Up top, these three Jay Nelson shade shacks are in full chill mode. Located at the Mana Uluwatu pool, where food & drink can be enjoyed with a sweeping view of the Indian Ocean, access is open to the public, so please come by for a visit!

Jay also designed a bedside lamp that we've made in-house for all the villas. They will also be available at our boutique at Mana Uluwatu soon. 

In June 2020, we're honored to have friend Tom Carroll with us to host
"A Journey Through Meditation"- a meditation & surf retreat with special guests.  Learn more and book your spot here

We've seen some great photography of Cliff Front 7 since our soft opening a couple months ago. 

Have a visit to our website for 2020 availability.  
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Thank you for being a part of the family & best wishes from all of us at USV. Sampai Jumpa!

Photography included in this newsletter by Evan Schell, Melissa Gayle, Kane Skennar, Tommy Schultz, Nicole Mccurdy, Josh Brook, Sommer Swim & Adam Harteau