Gerry Lopez Yoga With Aloha

This Endless Summer's Winter

May & June were two action packed months in our corner of the world. It's hard to believe how many epic days were had - in and out - of the water. A BIG THANK YOU to all our guests, friends and team members who made these days extra special. 

A wonderful group of people traveled far and wide to gather here on the cliffs of Uluwatu to take part in our fourth "Yoga with Aloha" retreat with the legend and guru himself, Gerry Lopez.   

Gerry shared his infectious wisdom & philosophy learned from a life long path enlightened by surfing and yoga. He led daily yoga classes on the cliff and our Morning Light yoga shala. 

There was plenty of water time too. Guests joined Gerry on some excellent sessions out front, and some of our beginners headed down to Padang Padang throughout the week to give surfing a go.

Some of the Patagonia women's design team joined the retreat. They went on a little boat mission and scored!  Below designer, surfer & activist Belinda Baggs finds her flow.

"Relaxation is your fountain of youth. Relaxation is your evergreen" 
-Gerry Lopez

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us for this year's Yoga with Aloha retreat!

We've been busy expanding the property and are excited to announce the completion of two new tropical modern villas by architect Alexis Dornier. 

A new wave of architecturally inspired contemporary enclaves flow with modern, angular lines, generous indoor-outdoor spaces, and their own pools, maintaining a consistent palette of 100-plus year-old reclaimed Dutch teak from Java, reclaimed ironwood from Kalimantan, andesite, terrazzo, local stone, and plenty of glass. A distinct feeling of warmth and respect for craftsmanship pervades these new dwellings.

Cliff Front 7 has a 1970's retro feel with a modern twist. This 4 bedroom masterpiece is open for bookings now. For more details inquire here.

The tropical modern interiors of the new villas consistently include king beds, reclaimed teak furniture custom built onsite, hand-shaped replica teak Alaia surfboards,  and large terrazzo showers. Linen curtains throughout give privacy inside the sun-drenched villas, though when drawn back reveal mesmerizing views of ocean & jungle. Room service from our onsite restaurant, Mana Uluwatu, is available, and there is buggy service to and from the top of the resort.

Ocean View 3 with it's towering walls and sky high ceilings makes you feel like a kid in a castle. For more details on how to book this four bedroom wonder, inquire here.

We commissioned our friend, artist Andy Davis to make us these incredible oversized prints to hang throughout these two new villas. Our team of talented in-house woodworkers made the float frames using reclaimed teak.

In May, artist Jay Nelson and his family came out from San Francisco, CA and stayed with us on the property. Jay designed a series of shade shacks and other unique projects on-sight that we jumped right into building. 

We are building these interactive sculptures from reclaimed Javanese teak.

Two of the 3 capsules have been built, and have found their homes near the Mana Uluwatu pool. One more is in the works and once complete, all 3 will be fully cushioned for maximum relaxing.  These fun interactive sculptures are available for our guests lounging pleasure, and are the perfect place to chill out poolside with your cocktail or clubhouse lunch from our restaurant.

June saw epic surf in our front yard, and some of the worlds most legendary wave riders came through for a visit and enjoyed Uluwatu's famed waves.

Kelly Slater doing his thing right here at Ulu's.

June closed up with the biggest waves since the Big Wednesday swell in July '18, almost a year ago. This is the view from our cliff front lawn as a select few brave souls paddled into some of the heaviest waves Uluwatu has to offer. 

The property has been buzzing with love as wedding season is upon us. For 2020 wedding date availabilities, send us a note here

Thank you for being a part of the family & best wishes from all of us at USV. Sampai Jumpa!


Photography included in this newsletter by Robyn Penn, Tommy Schultz, Margarita Salyak, Seewah Russo, Iker San Martin, Kane Skennar & Adam Harteau.